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A Steamy Day
« on: Jan 13 2018 22:02 »
Spent an interesting day at the Southern Fed/NAME Boiler Inspectors Seminar at Maidstone today with Roy H and Mike P. The speakers were Peter Squire, Nigel Thompson, Alan Reid and David Vere - who between them have built an awful a lot of boilers - both in copper and steel - so they have many decades of practical advice to offer.

A lot of ground was covered and there was much of interest, including advice on boiler design (including the math!), public liability insurance (an eye-opener), the new 'Orange' book, recommended practice and what (and why) the forms are for and how to fill them in correctly. There was also (a rather chilly) session outside to demonstrate a 'system' (repeat) hydraulic test and steam test. There were about forty people attending the seminar, so there wasn't much chance for 'hands-on' but it was still a very useful day out.

There is another BI Seminar in April and I believe that at least one of the Society's Boiler Inspectors will be attending that event too. There is no formal test for BI's - and attending the Seminars doesn't 'accredit' or 'authorise' attendees in any way - but personally, I feel it's useful to have some kind of formal instruction. It doesn't replace actual practical boiler experience but it certainly does help point you in the right direction and become better informed.

It was a good day and I was happy to be there representing G3S.



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