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Title: Station seats
Post by: MikeWilliams on Feb 16 2010 23:34
I am always on the look out for new products in Gauge 3 and noticed the Cumbrian Railways Association have introduced a rather nice etched brass Furness Railway seat which would make a change from the ubiquitous GWR ones:


Whilst they don't do Gauge 3 (they've probably never heard of it!), being etched it would be easy for them to scale it up if there was sufficient interest.  If anyone is enthusiastic enough to contact the Association perhaps they could please keep us informed?  If they want a minimum order perhaps we could canvas members?

Title: Re: Station seats
Post by: MikeWilliams on Apr 09 2010 15:57
Another idea!

Southwark Bridge Models make a variety of station seats in 7mm which are etched brass and assembled using a jig.  Has anyone seen these or even made them up?  I might try to get them to up-scale the etches and jigs to Gauge 3 if that would be practicable.


Title: Re: Station seats
Post by: AllWight on Apr 02 2011 18:45
Its worth checking out a few traders that i have had recent dealings with. The first is smallbrook studios run by a Mike Rayner check out his GN15 accessories range including the street lamp, loco lamps, bench seats and barrels. The GN15 range is also worth looking at as well i am sure it will raise a smile. The locos and rolling stock are all done on the Emmet style cartoons.

The other trader is www.mastman.co.uk and he does resin cast items in 1:24 scale for model boats including a variety of animals, crates of apples and spuds etc.