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Title: A "Long Shot"!
Post by: John Candy on Feb 09 2021 20:28

I have four of the GRS Gresley compartment stock kits awaiting attention. Three are the bog standard 8-compartment All Thirds but the fourth contains the parts for what is supposed to be a 4-compartment Brake Third.
Problem is, the supplied modules cannot build into an authentic model of any diagram.

The options appear to be either a 5 or 6-compartment brake (for which the supplied van modules can be adapted to fit), alternatively, a 4-compartment brake but requiring additional van modules (all 4-comp versions had two pairs of luggage doors each side but only pair-per-side is supplied with the kit.

So (a long shot), does anyone have any spare modules lying around, either van door modules or spare 3rd class passenger compartments?

An enquiry of GRS last year drew a blank; they have no left-over parts and are not expecting to order more kits.

Title: Re: A "Long Shot"!
Post by: John Candy on Feb 10 2021 11:00

Many thanks to Chris_P, who generously has come to the rescue by donating some spare passenger compartment modules, enabling a 5-comp brake 3rd to be built.

I will now be able to produce an authentic pair of articulated twins (3rd + 3rd and 3rd + Brake 3rd).