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This is one of the items in the recent Wiltshire auction. Looked crap in the auction house photos, looks even worse now.
For Sale / wagons for sale #Sale
Last post by AshleyW - Today at 15:13
The bolster wagons are GRS kits £150

The 7 plank wagon is hargate body, Williams chassis £100

All items are surplus to requirements now

cannot rezie pics so see mms or email for photos

Contact details are
Or mobile no  07895671194
Hi John,

What a nightmare for you, and thank you for sending it to me.

The "wiki" (gauge3.info) was lost when the server was replaced .... the data centre deleted files from the old server without keeping a back-up.
I also had problems with this forum which took over a week to repair but was able to save it.
Although the the "wiki" articles and link pages were lost, I do still have copies of all the downloads...including the article you require.
I will email it to you.
Is this still available? I'm sure there was an article on building a GWR steam rail motor that I'm trying to hunt down,


Other Topics / Re: Photogrammetry
Last post by John Candy - Jun 23 2022 19:06

Sorry if you felt I was lecturing you : My intention was to draw attention to the professional applications of photogrammetry (not merely for "hobbyists").

I agree it is a case of "horses for courses" and it is a "broad brush" method.

Although my test subjects have been small (using  just a webcam and empty PLA spool as turntable!), simply to try out the software, the intention is to use it on large objects (e.g. buildings,statues. war memorials) and in conjunction with a professional drone pilot and commercial film/TV broadcast quality photographic equipment.

Other Topics / Re: Photogrammetry
Last post by Nick - Jun 23 2022 08:52
Thank you both for your replies, which were much as expected but it is good to have them confirmed. I have no plans to build any diesel locos so I'll stick with CAD for now. Unless I get a sudden urge to build an A4 ...

Other Topics / Re: Photogrammetry
Last post by Doddy - Jun 23 2022 08:42

While photogrammetry lets you cover a large amount of ground quickly, it does so with a low degree of accuracy. 3D laser scanning on the other hand typically has a smaller footprint of data being collected, but it's collected to a higher level of accuracy.

I think you need to examine the capabilities of both techniques more carefully before you start lecturing me with sales blurb.