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Now that there can be no more track work until about Tuesday, (postman), I have sat and looked at the sorry state of my three stations... The plastic buildings need  a good once over with a brush and a bucket of suds but that is about all. No, what annoys me is the state of the base boards that the buildings sit on. I have used wooden decking slats and the wood has peeled off the primer and they look very tatty with white, grey and black masonry paint shedding all over the shop!

What I am planning on doing may sound insane but is I think a simple solution. I laminate the top of the baseboards... I use 2mm thick polycarbonate sheet and then it becomes a plastic sheet that I can stick things to and paint with exterior paints to my heart's content.

The newly rebuilt RepRap is printing the new & improved footbridge for the Brassica that the adhesive has nearly set solid I can sit on the trackbed without gluing my backside to it! So after lunch out with the angle grinder and slice some points in.


I did the artwork Barry, on AutoCAD.  Will be interesting to see what PEC say because it was done in my name, so they shouldn't tell you anything about it, but we'll see!

I ordered some etches from them on 5th Feb and they've not arrived so I am sure they have closed.

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« Last Post by AshleyW on Yesterday at 17:00 »
i got my acid etch primer delivered bruce, so suspect you can order aerosols, ash
Thanks, Ian & Mike, now I know what's what, what...!

Mike, did you produce the original artwork or was it a commission job?

Have tried phoning Photo-Etch, no answer, no surprise, no answer machine message? So an email has been fired over, see if anybody is monitoring traffic whilst working from home - had no 'out of office' or bounce back, so I'll just bide my time.
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« Last Post by Bruce_L on Yesterday at 16:40 »
Reference previous post regarding picking up projects that had been shelved:
One of these was to number, letter and weather some 16 tonne coal trucks.
This turned out to be interesting compared with 00 versions, of which I'd done quite a few some time ago.
The colouring, mainly weathering powders (which are easy to remove or adjust if it doesn't come out satisfactorily) have to cover a much bigger area and if you're not careful the colour looks to be covering too much, which is when previous sentence comes into use. Certainly it's often better to be subtle.
I was after rust, so it's mainly orange rust or dark rust, plus some black for coal dust. I've done a range of trucks with hardly any to lots and everything in-between to give variety. The same goes for different on each side. Pic:

I still need to dirty the undercarriage but I've run out of my preferred spray can of Humbrol Olive Drab which is a mixture of mucky grey and a hint of green which comes out pretty well, so I might have to have an important forage out as I'm not sure paint can be transported these days.
You can probably see from Ian's picture that the scale rule is on both edges of one side of the rule.  Occasionally useful for measuring into corners where RH or LH help.  The other side of the rule just has full size measurements - MM one edge and Inches the other, with the usual sections for 1/2mm, CM and on the other side some sections with 16th, 1/8th etc.  the idea being that whatever you want should be on there somewhere but the whole of one side is just Gauge 3.

Couldn't find a Bigfoot - but did find this image from 2009.

I cannot remember the exact where & whys of how I have this - I think it's original artwork that was photographed (maybe by Mike). A bit blurry but it may give you some idea - otherwise I'll take a photo of mine....



Is it possible for an owner of one of these elusive beasts to take a photo and post it on here, please. Cos, at the moment, I think I've got more chance of spotting Bigfoot...…   ;D LOL
Well, I'll buy one, 12 or 18 inches, if it's thin and matte.

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« Last Post by cabbage on Apr 08 2020 13:19 »
End of play for this week! The two closing lengths of track were going to be ordered from Cliff Barker for collection  at the AGM. But I spent the time in ward 411... But I am please to say that the measurements and calculations are well within spec(!)

The EOC for the new inner track is 14 ft 7 ins and the EOC of the outer part of the summer house loop is 8 ft 9 ins. The hardest part of doing all this was having to work everything out in Imperial. I frequently had to "check things over" by repeating the calculation in Metric... I am a native C.G.S thinker.

I suppose it is what I am used to!!!

The first shot shows the end of the inner track for the Great North Straight. Because I am still using the same pair of ick covered jeans to apply the felt with. I have to be careful where I perch... Note the nice growth of Cardoons...

This shows the end of the Dragstrip. The old track  will have to be lifted and straights replacing the curved section to previously existing points there.


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