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For Sale / Re: Bowande Coaches
Last post by Ingy123 - Jun 04 2024 17:02
All of these broaches are now SOLD
Locomotives (steam outline) / Re: LNWR Precedent
Last post by Nick - Jun 02 2024 10:11
Not much progress recently, what with the G3 Society Annual Show and then the Newsletter, and as I write this the sun is shining (at last) which doubtless will mean a summons from the Head Gardener. In between whiles, here are the tender buffers.

The heads and stocks are fairly straight forward turnings. Here are the stocks rough turned:

Tender buffer stocks.png

and fine turned and polished.

Tender buffer 1.png

Drilling holes for the rivets, using the rotary table to get an even pattern. That drill is 0.8mm diameter and I decided that the hole is far too deep, so I drilled most of the way using a larger drill and left a couple of millimetres to break through. The rivets turned out to be a good push fit and would probably have held themselves in place, but I added some epoxy to make sure.

Tender buffer 2.png

Here is the assembly. The stock is drilled deep enough to accommodate the head and the spring compressed, and then continued at a clearance diameter for the screw. The back face is counterbored quite deeply so that the head of the screw remains in the hole when the spring is fully compressed. That way the buffer is fully self-contained.

Tender buffer 3.png

As threatened, here are photos (very quickly taken between showers) of the pair of D17 6-wheel brake vans .... unlike last time, I remembered to straighten the couplings before taking them!

This time, there are few differences between the LNWR and LMS versions.
The LMS van has the later (webbed) buffers and a small hatch door in the end for placing the tail lamp (the earlier arrangement is a hole through which the lamp lens projected from the inside).

The next instalment will be the GCR 45ft bogie fish van, followed by the GCR 4-wheel 18ft fish van.

D17roofs.jpgNot a valid attachment ID.D17ends2.jpgD17LNW.jpgD17LMS.jpgD17detail.jpgD17pair.jpg
The two D17B "Crystal Palace" vans are painted and ready for lettering.
The LNWR version (the darker grey) is as in a 1917 photo of No.626B.
The LMS version is modelled from a photo of No.280361.
There are quite a few detail differences...see if you can spot them!!

The D17 (6-wheelers) are about to have their roofs fitted and (if the weather stays dry) will be photographed later today.

Very nice models John and interesting comments about Resin Printers.

I've just watched a review of the Bambu and it does seem a fast, capable 3D printer. I too have a Resin printer that is still in its box...   :-(



They are of this high-speed PLA printed on the very fast Bambu Lab P1S.

PLA is many times stronger than resin and can bend way beyond angles that would snap resin (and then springs back to shape). Many a time I have (accidentally) knocked a model quite hard, expecting it to have broken delicate detailing but there is never a mark on it.
I bought an Elegoo resin printer and washer/curer 3 years ago (not long after the Snapmaker) but I have never used them.
My feeling is that when FDM printers can produce this kind of result, the messy business of resin is not worth the hassle.
I shall try the resin printer at some stage.

Good quality prints there John, are they resin?

As announced a few weeks back, I will be releasing a range of wagons and carriages as my "3D Print 4 Yourself " range.

Two LNWR brake vans (diagrams D17 and D17B ) are the first now available to download. The design was undertaken using OpenSCAD and the downloads are supplied in STL format.

D17 is the 6-wheel 20T van and D17B is a 4-wheel 20T  van which was christened "Crystal Palace", in consequence of the large number of windows.
Both types are provided with alternative parts to produce either original LNWR condition or with later LNWR/early LMS modifications. In the available photos, no two vans are identical in detail , so, for absolute accuracy, you will need to have a photo from which to work.

Four models have been test built, one of each diagram in LNWR and LMS condition.

Photos (taken under indoor lighting and not very good) are attached of the test-builds which are yet to be painted.
The two LNWR versions are destined for Northamptonshire (the project has been a collaboration with Mike Williams), while the LMS versions are for my collection.

Notes will be prepared to assist with assembly as soon as I have a spare couple of hours but, meanwhile, the following information will assist.

D17 : The van is mounted using a laser cut steel W-iron assembly designed/supplied by Williams Models specifically for this project . The buffer guides (two types) can be printed from the supplied files but you will need either Williams Models or Slater's buffer heads/springs. Other parts required are brass wire/rod, wheels and couplings ... everything else is supplied, ready-to-print. The floor was laser cut from 3mm plywood and the SVG file is included.

D17B "Crystal Palace" : This van is mounted on Walsall Model Industries etched compensation units using Slater's wheelsets running on inside bearings. Other parts required are brass wire/rod, wheels and couplings ... everything else is supplied, ready-to-print. There is a separate "interior pack" file set for this van which contains both STL and SVG files. The SVG files were used to laser cut 3mm plywood for the floor and parts of the minor fittings.  The buffers are a distinctive double-acting self-contained type unique to the D17B and were designed/supplied by Williams Models in brass and nickel silver,specifically for this project.

See http://g3forum.org.uk/index.php?topic=3145.0 for further details and how to access the files.

The next release will be the GCR 45ft 15 ton bogie fish van (BRC&W louvred version).

17B_LNW_end.jpgD17B_LNW_side.jpgD17detail3.jpgD17side.jpg17B_detail3.jpg17B_LNW_interior.jpg17B_detail2.jpg17B_detail1.jpg17B_LMS_side.jpgD17B_LMS_end.jpgD17B_LMS_side.jpgD17detail4.jpgD17detail2.jpgD17detail1.jpgD17LMSend.jpgD17B buffers.jpg
Last post by AshleyW - May 16 2024 23:46
i wasn't the vendor, was just advising at the time. keep trying that number, if you look back to 2022 newsletter it was advertised with an A4, could have been sept issue
Last post by Ian Ritchie - May 15 2024 21:20
Hi is this loco still available details please to  i.ritchie@btinternet.com
thank you