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Items Wanted / Kingscale Coaches Wanted
« Last Post by James_H on Today at 14:24 »
Looking for Kingscale coaches for my garden railway if anyone knows of any for sale.

Many Thanks
Text or call 07454 006890
Workshop Practices / Re: CNC machining
« Last Post by Nick on Apr 09 2021 21:55 »
To Mike’s list I would add a couple more options. I have two manual mills: a Sherline and a Chinese mill. The Sherline is small and light but it is very well designed and made, and I have surprised myself on occasion what it is capable of. Sherline sell a turnkey CNC conversion, but it works out at nearly £5k. They actually sell a complete CNC mill for not very much more than that so they probably don’t expect many conversions.

The web is awash with Chinese mill conversions (some of which involve attacking the saddle with an angle grinder – horrors!) but being sensible about it and using good quality components, I figured the cost is £2.5-3k. If one were doing it from scratch, add the cost of the mill to that.

So whichever way you look at it, it’s not cheap. I don’t imagine doing enough commercial work with it to offset that, but neither do I envisage turning out enough locos to rival Mike (if only …). So if I did it, it would be because I decided it would be fun to do.

And speaking of fun, I did sketch out my ideal machine, which is basically a highly scaled down heavy industrial machine. That means a gantry configuration made largely of epoxy granite. The working area is 300 (x) by 200 (y) by 100 (z). With a gantry configuration it is difficult to achieve a large z-axis travel. It fits within a 500 mm cube, more or less, and weighs 80-100 kg. The cost is mostly in the linear slides, ballscrews and electronics, so about the same as a Chinese mill conversion. If I decide I want a change from model railways I might just do it, but I will get no. 563 finished first.

Ian, please don’t apologise, it is always good to have someone else react to what I write. I wasn’t aware that clockmakers were using the low cost machines but I’m sure it makes sense for them. I decided early on that I would not consider it for G3, but maybe it would work for some of the smaller gauge work that I do. If you do take the plunge I’m sure we will hear about it.

Locomotives (diesel & electric) / Re: CLASS 25 ALD MODELS
« Last Post by keith Bristol on Apr 09 2021 19:56 »
That’s nice
Locomotives (diesel & electric) / Re: CLASS 25 ALD MODELS
« Last Post by cabbage on Apr 09 2021 09:54 »
This was sent to me yesterday from ALD.

Hopefully on the 17th we can see it running.


Locomotives (diesel & electric) / Re: CLASS 25 ALD MODELS
« Last Post by AshleyW on Apr 09 2021 09:40 »
Anyone considering the new ALD Models class 25 kit, may wish to learn about this very informative pictorial book explaining detail differences. Some text included.
EMU / DMU / Re: Anyone for the "Tube"?
« Last Post by 492 on Apr 08 2021 17:47 »
Thank you John.

This is most interesting and will be most useful to me when I make a start on the carriages.

Robert. 492.
EMU / DMU / Re: Anyone for the "Tube"?
« Last Post by John Branch on Apr 08 2021 14:32 »
Not sure if this is the second copy of this I have sent, but I think the earlier attempt failed.  Anyway, I have found the text of the article I mentioned, and I can send it as an attachment if you let me have your email address.  Wait a minute! I see an attachment option at the bottom of this page-I'll give it a try.
EMU / DMU / Re: Anyone for the "Tube"?
« Last Post by 492 on Apr 07 2021 23:19 »
Thank you John. I would be interested in seeing it if you find it. The "Brandbright Method" might be a solution to carriage building for me. I would also prefer to use thin ply rather than MDF. I always made my NG roofs (Removeable) with thin ply "planks" with pillow case type "canvas" glued on.

Robert. 492.
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