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Not that eccentric!
Remember the Guinness brewery in Dublin .... the standard gauge locos were narrow gauge steam locos placed into a standard gauge chassis.
There were other examples of this practice.

Put a Gauge 1 locomotive inside it?   ::)

Carriages & NPCS / Re: Building an LNWR Picnic Saloon
« Last Post by Nick on Dec 01 2021 18:25 »
Assembling the brake gear was tricky because everything gets in the way of everything else. That's just how the prototype was. Basically, you start at the bottom (with the chassis inverted) and work upwards. It was easier to use the rivets supplied in the kit as joiners this time. I did a temporary assembly. Initially I hoped that I could do a, if not complete then partially complete, assembly and still remove the wheels for painting, but it was not to be. The whole lot will have to come apart again for painting.

I turned up some little washers to go over the outer ends of the brake bars. They are definitely visible and should improve the looks. I will fit them after painting.

Back to the headstocks, Mike clarified for me the various parts of the vac pipes, but I decided not to fit them yet because they are attached to the chassis and the body, so I'll wait until those two parts are attached and then I can judge the final size of the vac pipe accurately. Now I glued the buffer bodies in place with 24hr epoxy.

and here's some pictures (mostly pre-painting).

For Sale / Re: 4mt and wagons for sale
« Last Post by AshleyW on Nov 30 2021 20:40 »
4MT is sold, thanks for looking.
Mike Pavie coal fired locomotives.
 All as new in un-steamed mint condition. These loco’s often had 6 or 7 year waiting lists and of course are no longer available from Mike. The following are now for sale, absolutely no offers.
 Britannia Anzac 70046 coal fired £12’000.00
 Merchant Navy Orient Line 35008 £11’500.00
 LNWR Watford Tank 1597 £9’000.00
 LNWR Cauliflower 1244 £9’000.00
Carriages & NPCS / Re: Building an LNWR Picnic Saloon
« Last Post by Richard T on Nov 30 2021 13:26 »

Better picture
Carriages & NPCS / Re: Building an LNWR Picnic Saloon
« Last Post by Richard T on Nov 30 2021 13:23 »

Mine went together fine.
very nice. it seems that a new member has joined g3 on the strength of building an ald class 25. so that shows there is interest in modern (80's!) traction. i'll let him know about this class 87, looks great thus far
Locomotives (diesel & electric) / 2 + 2 = Buffer Beams and Cabs
« Last Post by Doddy on Nov 30 2021 08:35 »
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