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Nihil Desperandum!

The quality (or lack thereof) inherent in the GRS whitemetal  castings can be a cause for despair, unless you are prepared to undertake some surgery.

In the case of the pannier tank supports, this comes in the form of a bone graft!

The malformed items (seen in the first photo) have (second photo) had the defective sections cut and filed away and strips of whitemetal have been cut from "scrap box" castings and soldered into the gaps (third photo).

The grafts were cut oversize and filed/sanded to profile after soldering.

The whole process took around 15 minutes and is not difficult but you will require a temperature adjustable iron, Carr's Green Label flux (or equivalent) and low melt solder.

A tip : If you use quite a lot of low-melt solder, don't buy those tiny (expensive) strips, go to a casting supplies merchant (e.g. Tiranti) and buy in is listed as "Woods metal" at about one-fifth of the "model shop" price (1kg for 40GBP as against approx. 200GBP if bought in small strips).

Live Steam / Kingscale Class 4MT
« Last Post by main131 on Yesterday at 14:30 »
Ran my Gauge 3 Kingscale Class 4MT this week end.
Weather still a bit cold for gas firing but a nice sunny day.
Here is the you tube video with my notes on the run recorded accompanying the video.

Trevor Goodman
« Last Post by AshleyW on Yesterday at 10:05 »
sorry only just seen this, i'll get onto it mid week, away this weekend
Reference photos. for correct positioning of sandbox operating crank and filler cap.

The holes provided in the laser cut running plate are well away from the correct positions....if it were the "real thing", your sand would fall straight from the filler onto the track and the operating spindle would be dangling in thin air! Photos show items relocated to correct positions as per Swindon GA drawing.

BTW : The rivet detail on the hanging bars (valance) is not present on the etches as supplied. I marked positions on rear of etch, part-drilled shallow impression and then used "MetalSmith's"rivet punch.
Seen for Sale on Ebay, etc. / Re: Bassett Lowke 4-6-0
« Last Post by MikeWilliams on Feb 16 2019 09:41 »
Looks quite nice to me.  Curious that it has a smokebox door from their NER engine rather than the correct LNWR one.  I have seen this more than once before and suspect Lowke confused the casings or lost the original one.  The vendor often has large scale models and also buys from UK auctions, so worth checking him out from time to time, though I have had no dealings with him myself.

Remember Victor Meldrew (Richard Wilson/"One Foot in the Grave") and his popular phrase, the exclamation, "I don't believe it!", well I am almost too flabbergasted to even get that out.

One curiosity of the photo of the completed 8750 on the cover of the GRS instruction booklet is that the leading sandboxes have not been fitted. I know all the holes for the cranks and fillers are in the wrong places (I have moved them) but that wouldn't prevent the boxes being attached, as supplied.

Having fitted my new resin sandboxes of the correct shape to the running plate, I test fitted to the chassis, the buffer planks and buffers being integral with the chassis and not fitted to the running plate.

It soon became pretty obvious why the sandboxes are missing from the GRS-built model...... when the buffer heads are depressed, the tail end screw strikes the sandboxes and (if attached with cyano/superglue as suggested)would soon knock them off in a hard shunt. If you look at photo "13" in the build sheet it is pretty obvious there is insufficient clearance for the buffers to depress fully.

No mention of the problem in the instructions nor of the obvious solution....mark and drill a recess in the boxes to accommodate the extended screw head when the buffers are fully depressed. The hole will not be visible once the model has been assembled.

When is a kit not a kit? When it is just a box of bits which don't fit together. When is an "Easy Build" kit not easy-to-build? When it has been designed by GRS.

6mm dia. holes in leading sandboxes to clear compressed buffers

Other Topics / Re: Next Year...
« Last Post by cabbage on Feb 15 2019 14:59 »
Now that the "right of way" has been cleared I can start on the major  earthworks. The first of these required tje felling of "the conker tree" which my (then) infant school Son planted to ensure himself a supply of conkers. Unfortunately Erik snapped part of the root system and it wobbled in the wind. So, starting yesterday afternoon I dug the chainsaw and soaked the chain in castor oil. Needless to say all the clothes need a boil wash but the tree is extinct!!! My Son expressed some sorry at the loss of "his" but brightened up when he was told that the logs would have mushroom spore plugs in them. I would like Shitaki but he would like Lions Mane. So I have ordered both.


Seen for Sale on Ebay, etc. / Bassett Lowke 4-6-0
« Last Post by Spitfire2865 on Feb 15 2019 13:55 »
Found this on German Ebay. (Surprising lack of Spur II stuff there actually)
Pipework is incomplete but looks decent from what I can see.
But its definitely too rich for my blood. 
« Last Post by sjrose on Feb 14 2019 18:55 »
Do you have any photos?
Other Topics / Re: Next Year...
« Last Post by IanT on Feb 14 2019 15:10 »
It's nearly 13 degrees outside this afternoon here Ralph - I might even be tempted down the Shed...


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