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Speed whiskers
« on: Apr 15 2013 12:32 »

I'm in the process of rebuilding a GWR railbus into BR green and after that a two BR railbuses the same. All will need speed wiskers on the front and I'm unsure how to do them. Fix transferes only do them up to gauge one. I'm wondering if I should get a set and get the GRS transfer service to scale them up. Failing that any ideas?



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Re: Speed whiskers
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This is easy to do. Get yourself some "Lo-Tac Tape" and place it over the end of the unit. Now you need to measure the end of the unit and plot out the centre point of the whiskers and the finish point as well as the angle of the swish. With a sharp scalpel carefully cut the tape and remove the part that you wish to paint. Using a 10mm flat brush paint strait over the tape and the exposed area of green on the unit. This might take 2 or 3 attempts. Leave plenty of time between each application of paint. When you have a good paint finish carefully with the scalpel remove the rest of the "Lo-Tac Tape". As long as there are no air bubbles you should have a clean sharp edge to the whiskers. If not go around with a fine brush and touch up with the green where needed. Varnish once you are happy with the result.

I look forward to seeing the finished results.