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LMS Carriages (Worsley Works etched brass)
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I have asked Worsley Works whether they would be able/willing to produce etched brass parts for the LMS Period 2 (steel-panelled) three-car Inter-District Lavatory set (diagrams D1736 lav. compo. and D1737 lav. brake 3rd).

The reply was "yes" and the cost would be as set out below.

Some of the costing details are not entirely clear and will require some clarification.

Is anyone else interested in acquiring a set of etchings for one or more of these 57ft non-corridor compartment coaches?
A full three car set consisted of a lav compo and two brake thirds.


Worsley Works reply:-
They would require a sheet each for the sides, floor and roof and one
sheet for three sets of ends

The standard price for the long sheets would be #110 per sheet

As a some of the cost is the etching film, where more than one sheet is
required I could reduce the price

The floors and the roof would #90 each and the Brake Thirds #100

The ends would be on a smaller sheet and be #80 for the three pairs
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