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Re: Buffer locking
« Reply #30 on: Oct 17 2013 23:03 »
Ian (and Peaky),

Yes, I agree too, but thee comes a point when however well the track is laid, the radius means that buffer locking will occur, and that was why I started this thread.

As Dave suggested, you can put plate between the buffers.  As Ian.T said, you can put a metal bar between them.  You can put a short bar which only protrudes slightly either side of the heads (no need to go all the way across to the next buffer).  You can increase the size of the heads (e.g. fit carriage buffers).  As Ted suggested at the start, you can design a fixed adapter and as Marl says you can fit a Fleischmann or one of many other automatic central couplings.

But is the problem widespread enough to bother with?  And what radius have people successfully used without any problems?


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Re: Buffer locking
« Reply #31 on: Jun 01 2014 18:10 »
After a disastrous session with grandchildren constant derailment - caused by overrun buffer locking at the end of curved sections, I determined to find a solution. I am now quietly congratulating myself on using a simple paperclip to extend the buffer reach and so eliminate the overrun problem without permanently modifying buffers.
It is cheap, easy to apply and does not change the authenticity of my coaches. The problem was with 2 heavy GRS B coaches pushing the lead coach to the engine on my slight downslope sections - which coincide with the end of 8ft radius curved sections. I can't fit larger track radii in my narrow garden.
Are there any other solutions out there?

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Re: Buffer locking
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"Midnight Miller" (John T ... the Society's Sales Officer) has devised a neat little machined device which has been successfully tested (see last Newsletter the Spring issue page 4).

I am sure John T will explain when he reads this.

My fellow Members, ask not what your Society can do for you, ask what you can do for your Society.

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Re: Buffer locking
« Reply #33 on: Jun 02 2014 08:48 »
Try glueing (non-permanently) a strip of bent heavy gauge clear plastic across the width the the coach on the buffer heads with an allowance for overhang at each side. Has worked for me in the past.


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Re: Buffer locking
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With both the two GWR Auto coaches I have built I soldered a strip of brass across the middle of the buffers this works well.