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Size of turnouts
« on: Oct 18 2013 17:58 »
The purge of the Gauge 1 continues .....I'm thinking about purchasing Cliff Barker track.

The size of the turnouts will be an important factor

Can somebody please advise, how long is a Cliff Barker 3000 and 4500 point  - from tip of the blade to 2 sleepers past the point of the crossing.


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Re: Size of turnouts
« Reply #1 on: Oct 18 2013 20:54 »
I am away from home at present so cannot take measurements for you but at there are lengths given for all the G3 turnouts sold by Cliff.

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Re: Size of turnouts
« Reply #2 on: Oct 18 2013 21:28 »
Kelvin, hello again.

I have just measured the lengthof a photocopy of one of Cliff Barker's 14' 9'' turnouts; came out at 34 1/2 inches (875 mm). I can also report that my GWR '2021' is able to propel its (GRS) auto trailer through a cross over consisting of two of the above without buffer locking.

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Re: Size of turnouts
« Reply #3 on: Oct 19 2013 08:03 »

According to the one I have pinned to the board for construction at the moment -it is 900mm long by 200mm wide. All mine are 4500mm radius. CB's points are not hard to construct. I prefer to use "plumbers pipe weld" rather than MEK to assemble it with as it can be "dobbed" at the joints and you can see it ooze out evenly. The hard part is physically making the point from two lengths of rail. I cheat and cut a triangular piece of brass and then solder the rails to THAT rather than to each other. Then a simple pass on the edge with the flat of a grindstone gives the angle required. To fill in the frog gap I use Isopon P40 fibre glass repair paste from B+Q.