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Re: Bogie Motors
« Reply #15 on: Feb 12 2014 17:43 »
Hi Ian, look forward to meeting you on Saturday.

The MFA Como motor/gearbox unit 4:1 ratio is from Technobots (member discount applicable).

The weak link as I see it is the radio suppression capacitor supplied with the motor. I have blown 2 so far, but this was due to setting up testing. A bit of careful reaming of the outer bearing brass horn blocks improving the fit cured the snag.
Although, might have been due to working with 14.4 volts on a 12 volt rated motor, but I do not know as I cannot prove it at the moment.

Once set up time will tell how reliable they are.


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Re: Bogie Motors
« Reply #16 on: Feb 18 2014 08:55 »
Well folks, at & since the AGM show at Biggleswade I have had various questions asked of me.

The most onerous was "Will you be making these commercially?" The answer is no. There are reasons for this. Primarily, I do not consider myself as a competent professional manufacturer just an enthusiastic amateur. The other reason is that I do not believe a once size fits all approach to traction motors is such a good idea. To use readily available parts is a good idea since wear & tear may be repaired at a future date due to having fitted "quality" components. To adapt them to a particular motor bogie just needs a bit of thought. The design I have used is an adaptation from the design depicted in Chris Barron's Class 45 Peak drawing set. The laser cut motor frames were redesigned to take a different bearing type from that shown in his design.

The gear ratio needs to be re-assessed for a shunter, mixed traffic loco, express top link loco. So does the motor type.

The axle diameter was a key issue for me since I used some 10mm diameter ground silver steel stock. This enabled me to use commercial flanged bearings without worrying about precision fit. It just fitted & worked.  Not everyone will be using the same axle diameter or material so this factor could vary.

My bogie has outside frames, some may have inside frames.

Although we are not a model engineers society as such, we are a railway modelling society. The construction techniques are relatively simple & very "kitchen table" & should be within the capabilities of those who want to undertake the construction of a bogie powered loco type. It is just a matter of sourcing the parts & doing a bit of assembly. Must admit I had a Drill press & a Unimat but this can used on a "kitchen table", so I stand by my claim that a fully equipped workshop is not necessary.

I do not know what the copyright implications are of copying & adapting the design of others would be when it comes to writing up an article for the magazine, if I were to produce a drawing.

Would such an article be of any value?


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Re: Bogie Motors
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Yes Dave, certainly.  And I'd go further and suggest that if it was available, with drawings and parts list, somewhere on the web site, that might encourage non-members or those without an archive of backnumbers, to have a go too.


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Re: Bogie Motors
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I would certainly be willing to place it on

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Re: Bogie Motors
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I don't think there would be an issue if you used your own drawings Dave.

From what I saw (at the AGM) it is a fairly 'generic' design, that I've seen used in various guises previously but in other scales and gauges. So we are not exactly in 'patent' territory here, simply one of possible copyright. So use your own (from scratch) drawings and I cannot see a problem.

However, I agree that the real value in your 'design experience' is not really the generic layout of the axle-hung unit (it's been done many time before) but more the practicality of the motor/gearbox combinations used and how they will perform (in our gauge/size) given different axle/bogie/weight/speed combinations - essentially as you state below.

So yes please - very keen to hear more.

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