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Wondering aloud....
« on: Jan 24 2014 12:29 »
As I take a break from baking….

I have been making wheels for my wagons and I admit that they are not the best but well within BR spec. As I sit here in my living room with my mug of RR coffee with a cheese cob overlooking the Cabbage Patch Railway and leafing through HG's books -I have started wondering….

When I set out the initial plans I knew that I would have to have very tight curves so a lot of maths went into the design and construction of the corners. I planned for gauge widening and peaked superelevation plus the added "fillip" of a constant outer curved rail and displaced inner curve rail (i.e. gauge widening on the INSIDE of the curve). Yes all very "Nord" like!

The biggest loco I conceived of running on it was 2-C-2 or 4-6-4…

Now looking out over the rain soaked track work I have to ask myself what is the most practical configuration for a garden railway loco? Ignoring the articulated steam locos most of the steam plans seem to be of 0-6-0 and 2-6-4 whilst 1-C0-C0-1 seems to be a popular Diesel layout.  I know I build "monsters" and I always have. My aim in life is a Milwaukee "BiPolar" which is 2-B0-D0-D0-B0-2. Totally mad but it will corner on my track work.

So, what do you think is the most practical configuration for a G3 garden railway locomotive -given the modem suburban back garden?



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Re: Wondering aloud....
« Reply #1 on: Jan 24 2014 15:36 »
 Taking into account the above, I think a practical loco for railways in suburban gardens with slightly limited radius curves, would be the Bullied-Raworth C0-C0 (later Class 70). This satisfies the "monster" aspiration, whilst being attractive and generally pleasing. A dummy third rail could be laid in strategic positions for photographic purposes, as I intend to do for my 2HAL. (Or for the C0-C0, overhead wiring in goods yards!)

I want one anyway!
Robert. 492

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Re: Wondering aloud....
« Reply #2 on: Jan 24 2014 19:12 »
The go anywhere solution in the garden railway curve radii challenge must go to my favourite 0-4-0T BR(W) Avonside, weighs a lot & can rescue a sick Britannia.
I know big can be beautiful but small can also be a solution. However, low gearing does it & top speed is not it's strong point. But on an end to end line speed does not really matter, athletics chasing this wayward loco is just not required.

But, Ralph, I cannot imagine you being content with a 4 wheeler or a "Bo" as you would put it.


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Re: Wondering aloud....
« Reply #3 on: Jan 31 2014 16:40 »
Ralph, having seen pics of those 'BiPolars' go for it! They certainly would fit the Monster category as well as having a great paint scheme - orange I remember.

Ian the Gauge '3' Pirate

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Re: Wondering aloud....
« Reply #4 on: Jan 31 2014 17:23 »
Orange, red and black actually -subtle it isn't!!!!

Like "Rosebud" my Krokodil -it would have to be "assembled" on the track. I have one or two other monsters to build first though....