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Possible new kit of a Class 25
« on: Feb 05 2014 19:37 »
John Witts  sent me the attached leaflet from Agenoria Models, saying they are proposing to produce kits of a class 08 and class 25 in gauge 3.
I've emailed them and received the following responses:

I am expecting the test etches for the 08 back very soon.
The class 25 will be a bit later this year,  although with the interest I am getting I may bring it forward a bit.
I understand Slaters are developing an axle hung motor gearbox unit for gauge 3.
If that is true and it is suitable, I will use those for the class 25.
If not I will get Brian Clapperton
( ABC )to make me some.

[ I asked about the source of wheels, and the prospective price]

Slaters have an expanding range of gauge 3 wheels.  The 08 Is covered
They also have a range of motor gearboxes, axles etc.
The gauge 3 and gauge 1, 08 is at the etchers now being tooled up. Most of the masters for castings are also in hand, and as this is a direct blow up of my 7mm model, instructions and other fittings are already sorted.
I hope to have this kit available by May. Hoping to retail this at around the £900 mark all in, for gauge 3.
The class 25 is a completely new kit, as I don't have a 7mm equivalent to base it on, or tools already drawn up that can be adjusted and altered to suit the larger scales, In fact the gauge 3 version of it is a bit of an after thought, because my initial development of this, was actually for a 5 inch model for myself. Yesterday I started making up the tooling for the gauge 3 class 25. There are 31 sheets of 600 x 300 on 21 etch tools in the 5 inch version, already drawn up, this comes down to 8 x 600 x 300 on 6 tools in the gauge 3 version.
I am going to finish adjusting and rejigging the drawings for the gauge 3 class 25 this week, and I will put the tools in for testing, as soon as they are done. So hopefully I should get them back for the end of April. I think realistically I could if all is well be looking at production by September, October. Depending on how good the test etches are.
Cost of the kit with wheels should easily come in around the £1000 mark, but not including the motors gears etc. Depending on how much the motors are, and if you have two or four traction motors. I think all in we are going to be looking at £1200 to £1400 for a complete kit.
I also have a 16 ton mineral and a 20 ton brake van in hand. As well as a L&Y Pug and a J94.
I had already got my 7mm model of my class 37 down to see if it was a goer. If the others do ok I might consider a class 37 in gauge 3.
So, there could be some developments soon.
Their email is
The proprietor is a Mike Williams, which could cause some confusion!

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Re: Possible new kit of a Class 25
« Reply #1 on: Feb 06 2014 07:19 »
Wonderful if it happens, but, how many times have we had promises of products that have never materialised for one reason or another? Our appetites & hopes whetted , so because of this I remain a sceptic but should it happen then I would find a Class 25 quite an attractive proposition. But, I am not going to hold my breath or sit & wait mashing cups of tea in the forlorn hope it will happen. But when it does then count me in.

I ask you what has happened to the GRS Class 20 that still today on their website states delivery 2009?

The will & capability to deliver is the key. Look at the Brit from Kingscale there were 50 produced & on time and all sold worldwide. Now that is impressive.

Just going to put the kettle on.


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Re: Possible new kit of a Class 25
« Reply #2 on: Feb 09 2014 18:18 »
Interesting. An all brass kit may well be beyond my skill. I'm building a GRS 08 and it's fairly good, not sure duplicating existing models is the way to go...