Author Topic: compensated or sprung axles: how much vertical movement is allowed?  (Read 1089 times)

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Offline Geoff Nicholls

I've got two battery steam locos on the go: an 0-6-0T J65 (sprung) and a 2-2-2WT (compensated) How much upwards travel of the axles should I allow?
J65 (GER E22)
Currently I'm thinking of allowing 1.5mm on the centre axle and nothing for the outer axles, the springs will not support the loco, just push the axles down if the track lowers.
I compensated this to put more weight on the centre axle. The trailing axle rocks. Can I get away with 1mm up and 1mm down, for each of the three axles?
I want to be able to run these at GTG's as my layout is a tiny shunting puzzle indoors.
the body of each loco leaves very little room for slop.
What would others do with these two locos?