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The First of the (thankfully) Few ..... Code 330 turnouts!

Having churned out six Cliff Barker type turnouts in four days (mostly with brass rail), the time came to "bite the bullet" with regard to the sections of line I had laid with Tenmille code 330 rail (as supplied by GRS with their G3 sleeper packs).

If you have chosen Cliff Barker/Gauge 3 Society Code 250 bullhead rail for all your plain track, then life is easy when you come to turnouts.
If you don't have the skills or time to build your own, Cliff supplies them ready-made at reasonable cost.
If you possess the skills but want variations on what Cliff has to offer ready-made, you can buy individual sleepers, chairs, etc. from him and build your own, as I had done (using brass rail, instead of Cliff's stainless steel).

If your plain track is Code 330 flatbottom, then the situation is rather different.
You can ask GRS to supply (to special order and in a limited range of rather "tight" radii) turnouts based on timber sleepers and rail soldered to staple metal inserts or Robin Saxton (3.0.1 Models) will make to order anything to a very high spec. (and at reasonable cost but there will be "lead time" since he seems to always have a full order book). I have four double slips made by Robin and they are "masterpieces" exaggeration!

I approached Robin Saxton at the Peterborough Show (in April) but he would be unable to start on an order before the autumn.
So, it was down to me to "cook up" my own method of construction, using my preferred components which include plastic, rather than timber, sleepers.

I wanted to match the appearance of the (plastic-sleepered) GRS track as well as was practicable.

This hybrid (mix 'n' match) method I settled on is laborious but you can produce turnouts which are visually a good match for GRS plain track and at a fraction of the cost of custom-made turnouts....and you are not "stuck" with the limited selection of (tight) radii offered in the GRS catalogue.
Decision taken to use Cliff Barker ABS crossing timbers, Tenmille plain and slide chairs and improvise using brass sheet and screws/bolts for the common crossing assembly and wing/check rail fixings (since no check rail, etc. chairs available).

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