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« on: Aug 04 2014 15:23 »
As part of the switch from narrow gauge I've got some peco G45 rail left along with some I drilled gauge 3 sleepers. Not wanting to waste this I Borght some peco chairs and thought I'd use this in a siding. However the peco chairs have a straight spigot on them meaning they won't retain in the sleepers. So how best to fix them? If I were to glue what glue would be best?



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Re: Glue
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If the sleepers and/or chairs are polypropylene then you will not be able to successfully glue them (there are glues which CLAIM to work with polypropylene but they are not effective and will soon lose grip, especially in the wet).

If poloypro, the best method (which I used to fix Tenmille polypro chairs to Cliff Barker ABS crossing timbers) is to heat weld them from underneath with a low wattage soldering iron.

If no polypro involved, them Plastic Weld or any MEK (methyl ethyl ketone) solvent should work.

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