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« on: August 24, 2014, 08:43:54 pm »
 During a "free for all" between ourselves I mentioned a loco, an SVOJ "Troll Puller" -a heavy iron ore frieght loco . I then realised why it and similar locos can't be built in G3 -there are no flycranks capable of taking the strain. Yes I know that GRS make flycranks -but theirs are white metal casting -more decorative than functional.

What is required is a casting, etching or similar that can take the strain of being used to power locos. This would enable steam, diesel, and electric builders the capacity to build locos without the driver wheels but with conrods.



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Re: Flycranks
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I do not see the problem.
Just hack them out of the regular steel & fit them accordingly. What's the problem.

I thought about converting my 3.5inch gauge 0-4-0 tank loco Tich to 2.5inch & after measuring up there is not enough width between the frames as the 2.5inch bk to bk interferes with the internal frame horn guides, without taking into account the wheel widths x 2. Naively thought just a matter of making extended axles & fitting fly cranks.

How wrong could I have been so gave up & happy to keep it 3.5inch gauge, hate to make a mess of it.

If building one from scratch it would be a different matter as the frame spacers & buffer beams could allow for an increased width between frames & utilise the same valve gear externally just like ng locos.

So functional yes, decorative yes also. Easy to make? Why not?