Author Topic: English bond brickwork for a platform front  (Read 1415 times)

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Offline Geoff Nicholls

English bond brickwork for a platform front
« on: Oct 06 2014 17:10 »
I'm about to produce artwork for the English bond platform front on my (indoor) layout. I'm proposing to have this engraved in 1mm MDF. it's 2.1 metres long.
But first I thought I'd check no one has come across anything suitable, since the discussions already posted here.

Offline IanT

Re: English bond brickwork for a platform front
« Reply #1 on: Oct 06 2014 17:39 »
Hi Geoff,

A while ago there was mention (somewhere here?) of a kind of plastic 'webbing' that you laid over the surface you wanted to 'brick' and that you then spread a kind of plaster over. Once semi-set, the web was lifted off (it is re-usable) and you are left with your bricks (and pointing). I thought it was a pretty neat idea but I cannot find the reference to it now. I think it was available in 1/24th scale which should be Ok in this context I would think.

Anyone else got a better memory than me?

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