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Offline Jon Nazareth

Re: Square Styrene dummy nuts and bolts
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I think that the chopper is a very good piece of kit.  I didn't use it to make to make the square heads of bolts as the materials used in that project changed.  However, I do use it to cut ends of styrene strip perfectly square every time.  I've already tested it and I shall use it to cut squarely the ends of the strips of wood veneer that I'm going to use as the lagging on the boiler of 'Inigma' (Lion).


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Re: Square Styrene dummy nuts and bolts
« Reply #16 on: Mar 15 2020 14:36 »
Thank you Jon.

Here is the "problem".  This is a kit which I wanted to complete as its designer intended.  All laser cut from wood and card, including strapping and bolt details, but once I'd got the first coat of paint on the nuts looked very small, hence the thought of sticking something larger over the top.  However, having looked at close up pictures I think I'll leave as they are.  In real life those square washers are correct, if unusual, and the nuts are small.  I will however add better hinge pins - probably household pins with large heads filed flat on two sides and popped into holes.

I'll look for a cutter because, as you say Jon, it looks useful for cutting 90 degrees and 45 degrees (e.g. capping strips on the tops of wagon sides), but not urgent for this job.

Thanks all.