Author Topic: Gueret, Llewellyn and Merrett (GLM) Private Owner coal wagons  (Read 4102 times)

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Offline MikeWilliams

And finally, here's another photo of a GLM wagon.  I always think this picture looks like a model!


Offline Andy B

I'm guessing that the wagons in your photos (reply#14 & reply#15) are from 2 different builders, as the brake V hangers are different shapes. Clearly two different batches anyway, as one has side doors and one not.
Other little points of note:
The one in reply#15 has odd axleboxes - one Ellis and one 'other' axlebox. Also has webbed buffer bodies (like RCH1923 style)?
The one in reply#14 has odd brake shoes.


Offline blagdon

Even more interesting, as this one appears to be probably a hopper wagon. However I now have a drawing of the 'Cupboard' type side doors (Volume 4 of Bill Hudson's 'Private Owner Wagons' series published many years ago), so that will be the one to model.

Ian the Gauge '3' Pirate

Offline MikeWilliams

Thanks Andy.  Of course, some Ellis boxes had rounded bottoms.  I'd forgotten that.