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Model of Maunsell B0 Bo at York Museum.
« on: Aug 06 2015 13:37 »
I need to re-body my hideously ugly Bo Bo diesel. This is the monster, some may remember, that attempted to ream a tunnel on Alan Marsden's railway earlier in the year. It is incredibly useful on the railway, and is powerful enough to recover steam locos etc., but revolting to look at.

I have heard that there is a model at YRM of a never built Maunsell electric B0 B0. I heard it described as a mixture of a class 70 and a Class 73. This would be ideal for my loco.  I would expect it to resemble a B0 B0 version of the Bulleid/Raworth C0 C0.

Has anyone heard of this model, or found a picture?

I would be most grateful for any information.

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Re: Model of Maunsell B0 Bo at York Museum.
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I have not come across any mention of the loco you mention.
The LSWR had a steeple-cab type B0-B0 locomotive at Durnsford Road power station (between Earlsfield and Wimbledon) which was still there in the 1950's.
I never saw it at work, it was always stationary at the top of the ramp to the coal feed hoppers on Sunday mornings, which is when I usually saw it from Gap Road bridge.

The District had B0-B0 locos which worked corridor through trains from Ealing to the LT&SR : These would make a nice model.

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Re: Model of Maunsell B0 Bo at York Museum.
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I've never heard of that loco either. if you post the wheelbase I could see if there's anything suitable in my big book of diesels.
Or try this link:

failing that john's suggestion of District BO-BOs is good. They were nice looking, simple to build, but be warned, the corridor through train to match would also be very tempting.

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Re: Model of Maunsell B0 Bo at York Museum.
« Reply #3 on: Aug 07 2015 10:50 »
Thank you John and Geoff for helping me in this matter. Your input is much appreciated.

I rather liked the District Railway Locos, but they seemed to work in pairs, with each loco having only one driving cab. I have always had something of a penchant for early LT locos and trains, second only to my liking for Southern. I too have a vague memory of the shunting loco at Durnsford Road. I must have passed it whilst being taken for trips to London from Dorking, by my parents.

Having trawled for ages, I finally came across a very poor photo of the loco model in question at YRM. (I had to join another modelling forum to see it.) Apparently Maunsell had ideas for modern traction, and this model was a result. (Bulleid also must have had ideas, as somewhere I have seen a drawing of a nightmarish air-smoothed (spam-can) Schools!

The B0 B0 model would suit me as I intend to retain all mechanical parts of the present engine, and don't really want to have to re-make the bogies to C0 C0 form to make the Bulleid/Raworth loco. I have a history of making "might-have-beens" as I made a 3-car set of a Maunsell designed Petrol-Electric Multiple Unit for my narrow gauge railway. (I tell people that he had planned to make it for the Lynton and Barnstable Railway had it remained open.)

I'll let you know how I get on.

Thanks again for your help.