Author Topic: GRS Wisbech and Upwell coaches wanted  (Read 928 times)

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GRS Wisbech and Upwell coaches wanted
« on: Jan 08 2016 16:16 »
I'm hoping to get hold of a couple of GRS Wisbech and Upwell coach kits, one of which will be kit-bashed into a four wheeler. Unstarted for preference, but partly built might be okay. And preferably very cheap.
If you have one going spare, please PM me.

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Re: GRS Wisbech and Upwell coaches wanted
« Reply #1 on: Jan 08 2016 16:41 »
I have two bogie tramcars which I will not part with BUT I also have patterns for the 4-wheel cars from which I have cast the parts.
The body mould has deteriorated and is not serviceable (it is 12 years old) but I had planned to make another mould in due course.
If you can wait a few months, I can let you have a set.

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