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Online John Candy

GWR "Pagoda" buildings
« on: Aug 19 2015 07:25 »
I am going to make a standard design GWR corrugated iron pagoda building for one of my halts.

I have plenty of photos but need the basic dimensions.
Anyone have a plan?
I am pretty sure I have a plan somewhere in my thousands of mags (RM/MRJ/GWJ, etc.) but would rather not have to trawl through that lot (most of which are crated in the loft)!

It could become a resin Flexikit.


P.S. If anyone has the "Ericplans" book of GWR structures I believe it is in that also Adrian Vaughan's book on GWR structures is rumoured to contain a plan.

P.P.S.  Have just found on Amazon a copy of Adrian V's book Great Western Architecture for GBP10 plus post and have ordered it : Would still appreciate any other drawings/details/info available.
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Re: GWR "Pagoda" buildings
« Reply #1 on: Aug 19 2015 23:55 »
John, I' been waiting for a kit or two of these for years.
I shall look what I can find in the way of drawings etc.

I think you may find there were more than one size; also some were open fronted (there's on at Denham Golf Course Halt)' and some hand doors (such as the preserved one a Didcot Railway Centre).

I'll send you some pics of the first one.

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Online John Candy

Re: GWR "Pagoda" buildings
« Reply #2 on: Aug 21 2015 22:07 »
Well, Adrian Vaughan's "Pictorial Record of Great Western Architecture" arrived today and a "mighty tome" it is ..... all 442 pages of it!

Every page is packed with photos and "official" GWR drawings of everything from Paddington station down to lowly trackside signs (and every type of building and structure twixt the two).

I love the Swindon drawing with the official title "Labouring class dwellings at Trebanos"!

The "pagoda" shelters were officially known as "Type 'A' Shelter"and the drawing shows every detail down to the sizes of the screws and bolts.

At just 10GBP plus post it was a real bargain (and it is in almost "new" condition .... just some fading of the dust cover).

A book every true GWR modeller should add to his/her collection.

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Re: GWR "Pagoda" buildings
« Reply #3 on: Aug 21 2015 23:12 »
Adrian Vaughan's book Railwaymen Politics and money is an excellent analysis of british railway history, though he's a bit rose-tinted when discussing the GWR
Amberley Books, who publish his signalman trilogy are having a '25% off 'sale on everything  this week.