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LMS & LNER stock
« on: Dec 11 2015 18:48 »
On several previous occasions I have suggested possible carriage projects to fill the huge gap in G3 for both RTR and kits.
There have been vague expressions of interest in the past but nothing sufficiently "concrete" to set anything in motion.

I will have more than enough locos and freight stock when my current building programme is completed (at least 17 locos and around 100 wagons) but have only a GWR "B set" (yet to be painted), an unstarted LNER Gresley "all third" GRS kit plus Wisbech & Upwell tramcars (two GRS kit-built bogie cars plus homecast parts for some 4-wheelers).

I need both LMS and LNER compartment and vestibule/open/corridor stock in quantity.

Current thinking is as follows:-
a) LMS steel-panelled stock built from punched aluminium sides/ends.
b) MR panelled stock from resin castings
c) GNR panelled 6-wheel (and articulated rebuild) stock from resin castings
d) LNER Standard Gresley stock from resin castings

The most expensive items required to produce the aluminium sides would be the punches, in a selection of standard sizes, to match the various LMS window types.

For the panelled stock, I am mulling-over the idea of using a "Silver Bullet" die cutter (cost around 650GBP) to cut out the patterns from which to make the moulds for resin casting.

The "Silver Bullet"  packs a punch of 1250gm which is far more powerful than earlier types of craft cutter. It is capable of cutting thin chipboard and some plastics, so a lamination of 4 thicknessses could produce a pattern for a panelled coach. The machine can also engrave and emboss, so would also come in useful for the louvres , etc. in LMS 10000, a projected low-cost kit/RTR loco and next "step up" from the Sentinel loco.

While on the subject of coaches, a note I received today from Roger at Walsall says they are working on Mk.1 brake end that is good news for all those with Kingscale Britannias currently trailing a string of all-thirds!

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Re: LMS & LNER stock
« Reply #1 on: Dec 12 2015 09:06 »
Hello John

The aluminium coach shells for flush sided stock are used a lot in gauge 1, Peter Alliott is the main supplier of this type of shell.  I have used them in gauge 1 and they make good coaches but there is a lot of work required between the provided aluminium shell and the final coach.  One slight drawback is the requirement to 'post' the whole interior in through one end before attaching the end piece to the coach.  In the gauge 1 versions the roof forms part of the body, the problem being with removable roofs is how do you attach aluminium to more aluminium apart from some sort of glue which is usually unsatisfactory.  The other issue with gauge 3 will be how to hold the sides to the correct tumblehome curve, the ends are fine but the gauge 1 versions tend to go flat in the middle as you cannot have formers in the centre and get the interior in.

I made a load of BR Mk1s in gauge 1 and you get pretty punch-drunk trying to build a whole rake of coaches like this.

It  sounds like a big project, I wish you all the very best.