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SR 2NOL Units.
« on: Dec 20 2015 17:36 »

Was very interested to see the notice in the Newsletter about the drawings for this unit. I intend to try to get a set of these drawings as soon as the Christmas post has calmed down. Is anyone else interested in such a project?

I am also having a 2HAL made by Peter Rogers. (Alan M. has made the roof sections for him.)

If I made the 2NOL, I would consider making the bodies in wood. (Single ply over timber framework.) I have previously made a 3car unit in this manner for my narrow gauge line. This is a might-have-been representation of a Petrol-Electric unit that Maunsell could have built for the L&B, had not an unfortunate event occurred in September 1935.

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Re: SR 2NOL Units.
« Reply #1 on: Nov 12 2016 12:29 »
Hello Robert,

Have you any news on the 2NOL and 2HAL?, particularly photos of the method of construction.
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Re: SR 2NOL Units.
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I don't have the plans yet -but I would imagine their like my plans for the Peak. A wooden body with a steel bogie assembly. Something to employ my band saw with and the local laser cutters!



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Re: SR 2NOL Units.
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Hello Doddy and Ralph.

I sent for details of the 2NOL plans, which were line drawings, but with no further constructional details. You may do well to look at a copy of "A Pictorial Record of Southern Electric Units" by Brian Golding. The volume includes excellent detailed drawings of most proper Southern units from the earliest LSWR 3SUB's onwards, and includes the 2NOL.

I prefer to make carriage bodies by building a frame, and cladding in single ply rather than cutting out the sides etc. (Have tried to attach a picture of an example of a unit built in this way.)

I am constructing a SR Co Co (CC2). this body is of welded steel, but the bogies should be similar to those of the Peak. (Both used bogies designed by Bulleid.)

My 2HAL is still (I hope)under construction by Peter Rogers. Alan M has rolled the roof from aluminium, and the body will be of brass.