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The Perils of Boiler Making....
« on: Jan 19 2016 15:32 »
Tim and I have been building a boiler for my loco. To this end we have been using two gas torches. One runs on MAPP and the other runs on Propane. It being a cold day we started work in the green house. The temperature rapidly rose until the greenhouse thermometer said we should open the vents.... We did the rear "water wall" arch and then began work on the boiler front plate.

This is where Murphy said "Hello!"

Things were going well. The copper was hot and the solder/flux bubbling and spreading across the gap like jam. Then my hand got VERY hot -despite the gloves!!! I called out "CUT!!!" and turned all the gas off and plunged my hand into the ice covered water of the watering can. I returned to the green house and saw that the plastic hand trigger and spark mechanism on my MAPP torch -had melted in the radiant heat....

The joints are "good" and I think more than a few rods have gone into them!!!



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Re: The Perils of Boiler Making....
« Reply #1 on: Jan 19 2016 17:39 »
I've also learnt not to catch a very hot boiler to prevent it dropping to the ground.
Mind you my old metalwork teacher would have approved, his philosophy was that it's better to damage your fingers than the workpiece, as the former will grow again!
An enjoyable day despite the perils!
Regards, Tim

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Re: The Perils of Boiler Making....
« Reply #2 on: Jan 19 2016 17:51 »
Yes, I've experienced the "melted glove" problem myself quite recently. Haven't done it yet but I think an aluminium 'shield' may help in the future.


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Re: The Perils of Boiler Making....
« Reply #3 on: Jan 19 2016 19:17 »
Hi Ralph,

Any chance of some photo's of your boiler?


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Re: The Perils of Boiler Making....
« Reply #4 on: Jan 20 2016 07:28 »

There are really two "sequences" of JPEGS

That sequence is 18 JPEGS long boiler1.jpg to boiler 18.jpg

That sequence is 43 JPEGS long brotan1.jpg to brotan43.jpg.

The complete "build diary" is here:

But be warned it is VERY long....