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OK Collective

Playing a long shot here...........

Has anyone got one of the above kits, tucked away in a cupboard/shed/loft, that isn't going to get built (go on, be honest with yourself). If so, would you like to convert it into cash (or writing down money)?

Good home being offered to an unstarted kit (might even consider a part built one).


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Re: Looking for...... GRS 3F Tank (Jocko/Jinty)....
« Reply #1 on: May 20 2016 15:27 »
have they run out? did you see the ready built one at g.r.s. g pearce is on with one, get over on june 8th for a look,ash

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Re: Looking for...... GRS 3F Tank (Jocko/Jinty)....
« Reply #2 on: May 20 2016 18:55 »
A word of caution for anyone purchasing a "ready built" Jocko ...... if you are worried about accuracy, check that it hasn't been built "straight out of the box" and according to the instructions.
There are a number of glaringly obvious mistakes which need to be rectified.

for more details.


P.S. If the "problems" with the kit sound like a lot of effort.....the result is well worth it!
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