Author Topic: Dimensioned/scale drawings of GWR lineside features?  (Read 549 times)

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Offline John Candy

Please does anyone have any dimensioned or scale drawings of the following which I need to prepare items for detailing Monkton Priors?
All need to be GWR ...NOT BR(W)....types and I know some have appeared in magazines (sometime over the past 50 years!) but mine are all stored in the loft and I don't have an index.

Gradient sign
Speed limit (GW circular board type NOT the ex-LNER/BR standard steel cut-out type)
Limit of Shunt board
Illuminated "STOP" board (vertical lettering stencilled on a rectangular black background, post-mounted and  illuminated internally).
Ballast bins (GW/Taunton concrete works  or timber sleeper type)
SW (sound whistle) board
Yard crane (preferably 6-ton lattice steel type but any GW type would do).

Hoping someone can help with at least a few of them!


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