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The Twins...
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I am now the owner of the pair of bodies and metal work as originally built by the late Dave Lowe. When he died his wife Anne asked if there was anything that I would like and I instantly replied "The Twins". Now, behind me I have the wooden bodies and well over 7Kg of cut and machined metal. Over the past 24 hours I have been studying the pieces and the small notes and labels left in the plastic bags.

I have come to the conclusion that Dave knew he was running out of time and could not complete them in the time he had left to him.

So, he left exemplars of how he would have completed it. Wether he thought that Tim or I would complete them I do not know. However based on the contents of the box and the fact that both Tim and Dave are "BA" thread lovers and the only screws that I have found are all Metric -which is what I use.... Part of the second phase of expansion of the CPR was designed to take the Twins -at his insistence!!! The last phase of the expansion was also his suggestion and the remainder was Robert's.

Most of the raw parts are there, in cut or machined form. There are a few omissions that are not critical, (I have 11 axles rough cut from 8mm bar -no problem). There are only 6 motors -but not the ones I thought he was going to use(?) In short there is everything required to complete ONE of the twins in pre made parts.

I have the models which I will finish to what is "locally believed" to be the correct livery. I know that The Twins came out of the paint shop wearing Black and Silver. But after having spoken to people who were there, the Black and Silver was never meant to be their livery -but more the Crimson Lake and Gold stripes that was the "Royal Scot" livery. But in order to apply it correctly they would never have made the deadline for an LMS loco... So, they are coming out of my back door wearing Crimson Lake and Gold.

One thing I am going to find, (or make probably), are the oval buffers.

I don't know when I will be able to start work on these as I have some constructional work on my track and a steam loco to build, (plus the odd wagon). But they are safe and sound in my "Family Room" until then.

Thank you Dave -they are going to be beautiful.