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Gearbox maintenance
« on: Feb 25 2017 08:31 »

Now I have a few locos with GRS motor gearboxes that I'm running I'm wondering how to ensure I keep them running well. What type of grease do people use and how often do you top it up? Do you clean the gears if so what with, or do I just let them run and run without needing to worry?



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Re: Gearbox maintenance
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I lubricate mine with a mixture of LGB grease and Tamiya Molybdenum grease (and sometimes also squirt some Molyslip using a syringe).
Keep them well oiled and greased....they are notoriously fragile...... the gear wheels get chewed up without a lot of provocation!
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Re: Gearbox maintenance
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Thank John, most helpful.