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1:24 Scale Conundrum!
« on: February 27, 2017, 10:58:53 am »
1:24 Scale Conundrum!
Below are photos of animals, all of which were advertised as being "1:24" scale.

They come from a variety of manufacturers/suppliers but plainly cannot all be to the same scale!
The larger (Clydesdale) horse is about the correct size (9ft to top of head) for "G" scale but the cats, hare and rabbits in particular, are a mixed bunch.

The sow, goat and smaller horse (perhaps a foal?) are about right, as are the smaller cats (about a scale 18ins excluding tails). You wouldn't (if you were a 1:24th scale bloke) be wanting to come face to face with the large moggie (or rabbit and hare) on a dark night....they are around 3ft tall!

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