Author Topic: Wanted: GRS W and U coaches  (Read 1299 times)

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Wanted: GRS W and U coaches
« on: May 01 2017 12:51 »
I need a couple of GRS Wisbech and Upwell Coaches, either the standard or narrow gauge versions, pereferably unbuilt but will consider part built.
I need these coaches urgently to help expand my gauge 3 'cameo' exhibition layout Lea Siding for the Swindon show in September.
Please contact me on 07790 439722 or


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Re: Wanted: GRS W and U coaches
« Reply #1 on: May 01 2017 21:40 »

I am not willing to part with my two bogie tramcars (I have 3 GER/LNER Y6 W&U tram locos.) but, if nobody offers you the GRS kits, I can offer parts (sides/ends/solebars/end platforms/buffers/ironwork and gate sets/Slaters wheels) for the 4-wheel cars (nos. 1 to 6). I also have the appropriate GER period transfers from a custom sheet ordered from GRS.

The sides/ends/platforms are cast in resin....the solebars are cast in whitemetal.

The buffers and gates/ironwork are the standard GRS whitemetal parts.

You would need to supply the roof (roll from aluminium sheet) and the floor (plywood) and the other bits and pieces to complete.

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Re: Wanted: GRS W and U coaches
« Reply #2 on: Aug 05 2017 15:07 »
Hi Geoff,

I've sent you an e-mail regarding this as it's possible I might be able to help....