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Keeping batteries charged
« on: May 06 2017 09:41 »
Charging the batteries of an engine isn't too big a job, but how do people manage with several locos?  Do you just diarise to take each from its box once a month, or do you have some sort of banked system, a shelf with them lined up and sockets at the front, or maybe keep them all charging all the time?  Do you charge more than one from the same charger at the same time?

Seems to me the time most likely to damage a model is handing it in and out of a box, so not having to do that so frequently would b a good move.


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Re: Keeping batteries charged
« Reply #1 on: May 06 2017 16:06 »
I use 4.5Ah 6V SLAs. I have a number of them in a drawer. Once a month I take them out, line them up on the side and plug the charger leads onto each one. Any with a starting voltage of 5+ I simply charge. Any with lower, I try deep charging -if this fails they get recycled...

Yes I could bulk charge them all at once -but then I lose the knowledge of how each "brick" is feeling.