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No, it's LAKE.
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Being not quite insane as my friends all put it. I have spent the past six weeks completing the work on my LMS coaches. It all began when one of my best friends plonked a rusty tin on my kitchen table. There was a dab of colour on the tin lid and a date 6/46. It still had the "keepers" on the lid and had not bulged or shown signs of use... We looked at each other and said "a million to one!" to ourselves. We delicately cracked the lid and were rewarded by the pungent smell of camphor and turpentine.

There was a black gunge in the tin.

We scraped it out and added turpentine it was the consistency of porridge but with more turps we had a reddish muck. We fastened up the tin. Some scrounging and improvisation gave us a filter and wash tun. We poured about a litre of turps over the ball of muck. We Si this tome and agin until we thought we had all the pigment out of the muck. Then we put it through a few sheets of muslin and "wrung" the Lake from the suspended particles. The result was about half a jam jar of black treacle!!

I appealed to the congregation. One of them had an uncle who worked in J shop at Derby. With Leonards help I have painted my coaches in the approved manner. There are varnishes and paints. A Lake is a coloured varnish. The modern equivalent would be the "candy apples" sold by MetaFlake for custom painting. The lake had to be thinned to a cup of 4 seconds for hand painting. You had to work very fast with a wet edge as you could not go over the drying lake.

Would I do it again -probably not. However as an exercise in prototype coachwork I found it very taxing and the thought of doing a real 47ft coach is daunting.