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Point motor comparison
« on: Jul 11 2017 13:53 »
I have a number of GRS points that I've finally started to fit and wire up LGB point motors to. One point and one half of a double slip were giving issues in that the motor was not being able to 'throw' the direction of the rails and getting stuck. I adjusted, and tried two different new out of the packet motors with no result. I am using a CPU unit and was still having issues. As I was placing an online order for a pola G building kit a while ago I ordered a Piko G motor to compare. I've finally got around to fitting it and on both the point and double slip it works, the LGB ones left in place still didn't.

The Piko motor is bigger and has better weather protection including rubber seals on the moving arm which stop dust and grit causing friction unlike the LGB ones. The soleniod motor is the same- no doubt from the same Chinese factory as the LGB version.

Just thought I'd mention this to anyone considering powering their points. The Piko ones seem more reliable and better powered but the downside is they are larger than the LGB versions.


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Re: Point motor comparison
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Now you have your login to, please add to / edit the section on pointwork control.


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