Author Topic: Spur 2 (G3) at the EFA Museum, Germany  (Read 877 times)

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Spur 2 (G3) at the EFA Museum, Germany
« on: Jul 12 2017 09:43 »
Further to my earlier Spur 2 postings, take a look at the large Spur 2 railway located at the EFA Museum located between Munich and Salzburg -

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Re: Spur 2 (G3) at the EFA Museum, Germany
« Reply #1 on: Jul 12 2017 15:06 »
Well maybe John can offer you some space at Barry Island Ian (to extend St Ives across another goods shed or two maybe).

If anyone else is interested in how the "Special Interest Group" Spur II developed - there is a good (English) description here:

A couple of things to note. The 'scale' (1:22.5) was already well established in Germany (via LGB) back in 1985 - and they had a commercial supplier of standard gauge engines at that time (Magnus). However, they also explain how their track standards were quickly established and how the use of modules enabled both individuals and groups to work either in isolation or co-operation. I think this is an important point to understand when discussing Spur II.


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