Author Topic: Shortage of solder.....or just a "scare story"?  (Read 569 times)

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Having several brass loco and wagon kits on the go and in the pipeline, I thought I would get another pack of Carr's solder cream since I just started my last one.

Carr's site is not taking orders at present (something to do with change of ownership) but it says that they are having difficulties obtaining supplies of solder in wire form because a slump in its industrial use means very little solder is being manufactured and what is available has rocketed in price. Is this just an excuse for hiking prices or is there a shortage of solder....anyone know the answer?

Anyhow, to be on the safe side, I went to the Phoenix Paints site (they stock Carr's products) and placed a large order (they seem to have lots of stock).

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Re: Shortage of solder.....or just a "scare story"?
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Noticed nobody has responded to this post John - but I looked at this at the MMEE yesterday....

I purchased some 0.7mm silver solder wire yesterday from CuP alloys (ouch - not cheap!) but they had leaded solder wire available, as well as unleaded solder and solder paste. Others also had various soft and silver based solders on their stands, so it doesn't seem to be a problem at the moment.

With regards silver solder - I still have a few lengths of 42% (cadmium bearing) silver solder left in stock but I did wonder if I should buy some '455' (Cadmium-free, 55% silver - 630-660 degree melt). There were four or five companies selling it but CuP (and another 'specialist' solder company) were the cheapest at £25.00 for five lengths - 1.5mm x 600mm (or so). I finally decided not to (spent quite bit on more immediate 'wants') but may regret this sometime in the future when I need more.


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