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3d printed accessories
« on: Aug 22 2017 21:12 »
Am pleased to announce some 3d printed accessories in Gauge 3 (and Gauge1, 16mm).

Currently available.

Euro Pallet
40x48 inch Pallet
Jerry Can
Beer Keg
Oil Barrel.

Wooden crates the two in pictures are 2foot square and 1 foot high by 18inches wide by 3 foot long.  Other sizes can be requested.

Wooden Barrel one in picture is 36mm high other sizes can be requested.

Not quite finished is the 10 Gallon milk churn, I need to play with wire sizes to get the handles looking correct.  They are 1mm in pic which looks too big to my eyes.

All £2 for this forum.  They are also on ebay and my facebook page Marston Models.



large pictures are available on rmweb!

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Re: 3d printed accessories
« Reply #1 on: Aug 23 2017 09:54 »

Nice items but most a bit too modern for my line or Monkton Priors.

One item which you might consider producing is the GWR ATC pick-up apparatus as fitted from 1906 to a large proportion of the GWR loco fleet (only vacuum-fitted locos) and lasted until replaced by the BR AWS system in the 1970s.

It is very prominent, suspended on brackets behind the front buffer beam.

GRS supply the parts for the cab apparatus with their GWR kits but not the pick-up shoe items.

There is a big gap where it should be, at the front of my Dean Goods!


P.S. Anyone interested in the GWR ATC system can read about it at

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