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In case of confusion or doubt...
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About the size of your boiler - this can be simply established. Simply completely fill the boiler, shaking it gently to fill any air pockets and then empty the boiler into a measuring jug. This will establish the volume (V) of a boiler very simply - there being no need to weigh anything.

You will presumably know the expected working pressure of the boiler (Pw) and from this the Bar-Litres can be calculated (V x Pw). I find it quite hard to visualise Litres - but I know roughly what a Pint looks like. So as a very quick rule of thumb - a 'Pint' sized boiler with a working pressure of 80 PSI would be just over 3BL (but would be a shade under if run at 76 PSI). Most small engines run at much lower pressures, for instance all Roundhouse safety valves are set at 40 PSI. A boiler run at 40 PSI could therefore have nearly a two-pint (full) capacity and still be under the 3BL limit.

Both the boiler volume and working pressure are recorded by the Inspector on the 'Written Scheme of Examination and Certification for a Boiler below 3 bar litres' (2012 issue 4) in the area of the certificate provided for this information. If required, the Boiler Inspector can perform the simple test described above, the first hydraulic (Shell) test being an ideal opportunity to do so.

The Society operates under Southern Fed guidelines but has opted for 'Inspector Only' tests - and no other witnesses are required for hydraulic or steam tests. All certificates are two-part serial numbered documents, with the owner retaining one copy and the Inspector the other.


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