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Cutting Circlip Grooves
« on: Sep 05 2017 21:56 »
I would like to cut some narrow grooves in a 4mm steel axle for taking circlips, and I'm guessing that something like an old hacksaw blade might do the trick.  Only trouble is, I can't think how to hold it in a tool holder.  Any ideas please?
Thanks, Tim

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Re: Cutting Circlip Grooves
« Reply #1 on: Sep 06 2017 02:28 »
Use the parting tool holder. There are several articles on how to make parting tools from old hacksaw blades.



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Re: Cutting Circlip Grooves
« Reply #2 on: Sep 06 2017 09:10 »
... or make a tool from a broken drill bit / milling cutter/ whatever bit of small tool steel you may have.
Make a very simple tool holder (square of steel with a hole drilled in it and a clamping screw).
You're welcome to come and use my T&C grinder for the final grinding to size.


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Re: Cutting Circlip Grooves
« Reply #3 on: Sep 06 2017 20:25 »
Hi Tim,

The 'Classic' hacksaw blade holder is the one by LC Mason - unfortunately I'm not able to photograph my version at the moment.

Imagine a 'T' profiled holder - with the top of the 'T' held vertically (turn the 'T' through 90 degrees) by the horizontal part gripped in the QCTH. A slight slot/channel  is filed in the vertical face to take the hacksaw blade, which is held in the slot by a thin plate screwed to it at all four corners. It's fairly simple to make.

Alternatively, you can purchase a small parting tool holder with blade and thin it a bit. My small one takes 1.5mm wide taper blades. They can be carefully 'thinned' to >1mm on a 6" grinder but they are then very fragile.

Or use a T&C grinder to make a custom blade as Andy suggests....


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Re: Cutting Circlip Grooves
« Reply #4 on: Sep 06 2017 23:15 »
Thanks guys for all suggestions.  I may just sort through a tin of old HSS bits and see if there's anything I can easily grind down.  I should have done that first, rather than think of invoking special holders for hacksaw blades!  The groove is only going to be about 0.4 deep, so I shall not end up with a slender and fragile blade.  More anon when I get around to it! Cheers, Tim