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What a Monster!
« on: Sep 11 2017 18:07 »
What a Monster!

I decided to reinforce my collection of soldering irons (100W had been the largest to date) since I need to solder some hefty items on the latest loco builds, including vehicle exhaust pipe being used for boiler sections.

I decided that 175W should do the trick (to save messing about with the butane torch on jobs to heavy for the 100W) and selected a Weller iron from Amazon.

What I didn't realise from the description/photo was just how big and heavy it would be.
It is a MONSTER.

Photos show it alongside the 100W Antex iron.

Another surprise... I fully expected it to have come from China .... no, box says, "Made in MEXICO"!!

Will let you know how I get on with it when I have given it a try..... may need to eat my Weetabix before wielding it.

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Re: What a Monster!
« Reply #1 on: Sep 11 2017 20:09 »
Should keep the workshop warm this Winter!  ;D