Author Topic: Does Anyone Have a Slaters GBG3 Gearbox Unit?  (Read 2976 times)

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Re: Does Anyone Have a Slaters GBG3 Gearbox Unit?
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Totally agree Tim, which is why I thought a limit of 70mph might not only be acceptable, but a good thing.

Sorry Mike, I realised later what you were driving at.  I do wonder if the common perception is that things have to race around though, and to have something like a "Peak" trundling around at only 3 mph would "appear" too slow, even though it was a scale speed of nearly 70.  All I can hope is that drivers make the adjustment whenever using R/C, and that needs to be fully involving because of the extra power needed on curves that shouldn't translate into breakneck speed on the straights!

Hello Ian and thanks for the info.  I'm slightly perplexed at a couple of your statements though.  Firstly that Walsall market a lot of stuff without it being on their website (hardly a good business model, nor one to attract converts to the scale); and secondly that just changing from a single start to double start worm wheel makes a change in ratio from 36 to 50.  The ratios would be a factor of two different.  Your picture looks like a two-start worm to me, so maybe the 50:1 box is actually 54:1 and uses a triple-start worm?  In any case changing the number of starts on a worm will alter the lead angle, and so correctly the wormwheel should be changed to suit.  Who knows what they actually offer!....

Regards, Tim

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Re: Does Anyone Have a Slaters GBG3 Gearbox Unit?
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Hi Tim,

It was Mike who commented about their website but they are a small (two-man?) company, so perhaps it's not that surprising they don't have everything on there - I'm sure they are kept busy with many other things, like trying to make a living for instance.

Sorry, you are correct that (for the same sized wheel) the lead angle would change, so perhaps they also change the wheel to match the different worm 'starts'. This was all some time ago now (three years + ?) so I may well have forgotten or misunderstood what they actually said to me at the time. We'd been thinking of making our own gearboxes but Walsall had a ready made solution that was only marginally more expensive (than just buying the gears commercially) if I remember right.

We were probably also getting concerned about sourcing a suitable chain drive - I built a trial version using a small Gates belt (which was very strong and looked good but needed too much tension to work properly). We also found some (almost scale) Chinese chain but it was very (very) expensive. Fortunately the problem was solved with Delrin chain in the end, which seems to be quite good enough for the job. I'm afraid all this stuff is fading gently into the mists of time now - rather like my memory of it ....   :-)   

Anyway - give Walsall a call...



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