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The Carriage Conundrum.

Started by John Candy, Oct 20 2017 08:25

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Peaky 556

Thank you Phil for sharing these; they look a very neat job.  Might I ask for a little more detail on the photos so we can see how it all works, and for a list of the MEL part numbers?  I am not familiar with an article by the gentleman mentioned.  One further thought, do these have plain bushes or ball races?
Many Thanks, Tim

Andy B

John van Riemsdijk (correct spelling) was a luminary in the G1 world - probably best known for his work in live steam, and his association with the Aster marque.
I imagine the G1MRA book "Modelling in Gauge 1 - Book 4 - Coaching Stock" http://www.g1mra.com/shop/ might have something on the subject.
I have book 2, and there is a lot of useful stuff in there.



If anyone wants to have a go the parts needed for one pair of bogies are:

Model Engineers Laser part No - 15391  BR Mk 1  Bogie Tie Bars (4 off)

Model Engineers Laser part No - 15392  BR Mk 1  Bogie Ends (4 off)

Model Engineers Laser part No - 15393  BR Mk 1  Bogie Side (1)  (2 off)

Model Engineers Laser part No - 15394  BR Mk 1  Bogie Side (2) (2 off)

Walsall Model Industries Coach wheels and axles (4 sets)

Walsall Model Industries bearings for coach axles (8 off)

6mm bolts for mounding bogies, a spring and washer for each mounting, various rivets nuts and bolts etc.

I have attached the description written by John van Riemsdijk of his Type J Bogie.  Ignore all the dimensions as they are for gauge 1.  This type of bogie lends itself to being lengthened or reduced for all wheel base bogies.  I have already done the parts for the SR Steam Bogie but not any others yet.



The written description is now also attached.