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Gearbox covers.
« on: Oct 22 2017 09:59 »
Gearbox covers.

The open type gearboxes, as supplied by GRS and Slaters, are prone to hoovering up assorted "muck" from garden tracks. This can (and does) reduce performance if a build-up occurs (material winding itself around the axle/spindles) and fine grit sticking to grease and oil may eventually wear down the "cogs".

Talking to Tim Breeze at a recent show in Milton Keynes, he was taking the cover (non- standard fitting) off the gearbox of a GRS Prairie tank to clean it and lubricate but was having to cope with tiny screws and was suggesting that a modification kit to fit to all locos would be a good idea.

I now intend fitting my gearboxes with covers but using thin steel plate, retained by tiny Neodymium magnets, glued into shallow recesses drilled into the brass gearbox frame.

The magnets costs "Pennies" and are  3mm diameter x 2mm thick and extremely powerful (N42 grade).
Will put up some photos when I have fitted them to the !F.

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Re: Gearbox covers.
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Great idea and I'd be interested in where you get them from John.
There are various sources on eBay but recommendations are always helpful.


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Re: Gearbox covers.
« Reply #2 on: Oct 22 2017 18:18 »
Good idea John.  I have been aware of the need but hadn't got around to thinking it through.  Incidentally whilst browsing the Slaters website I came across these lovely axle hung gearboxes for G1, completely enclosed!  They look rather like the real thing, and tremendously practical 

It did set me thinking along similar lines for G3, but I've not thought it through for a complex drive train.
Regards, Tim

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Re: Gearbox covers.
« Reply #3 on: Oct 23 2017 00:32 »
The supplier I bought my initial supply of magnets from (about a year ago) has now shut up shop. Those were 4mm dia. by 2mm thick. I have just ordered 100 from another source which are 3mm dia. by 2mm thick and should be a better size for the gearbox frames.

Thinking about other uses for these magnets, obvious one is for removeable fittings on an exhibition layout (e.g. lamposts and other platform/yard "furniture"), holding the roof on buildings and (rather more challenging) having moving accessories on an exhibition layout.

The magnetic field of the larger magnets can be effective up to an inch+ from the source (and through plastic/timber sheets) so what about (as examples) a "Lister" tug pulling parcels "dollies" along a platform (a magnet or two being attached to a moving belt, rod or whatever, beneath the surface and driven by a small 3v motor). Perhaps a lorry moving in the station yard or a taxi/bus in the forecourt?

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Re: Gearbox covers.
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Just to issue a "polite warning"... NIB and similar high fractional Tesla magnets are dangerous if you have a pacemaker or have a wearable drug pump. These can affect the settings. Although my (then) small Son used to stick fridge magnets to my left leg he was always told not to bring magnets near Grandad...