Author Topic: Self-etch primer .... is it a "con"?  (Read 487 times)

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Self-etch primer .... is it a "con"?
« on: Nov 10 2017 13:42 »

Having (possibly) been brainwashed by hype in manufacturers' ads. and magazine articles by painting/finishing "experts", I have long been a user of self-etch primer.
These come in various types (two-pack / single part  / aerosol) and I have used Precison (now Phoenix) single part and, more recently, Teroson aerosol.
Compared with standard spray can primer (e.g. Halfords) they work out at anything up to three times the price.

A couple of days ago, I had cause to strip the paint from a brass model which had been primed with Teroson (costs around £15 per spray can) and the brass was as shiny bright as it had been before spraying and not a sign of any etching of the surface. I have long been sceptical of the value of etch primer (since they dry in a few minutes I find it hard to understand how it has time to perform any etching process) and am now even more so.

I have bought a can of Halfords self etch primer (around the same price as their ordinary primer) but have yet to try it. Shall not be shelling out for anymore Teroson!
Any comments on your experience with these etch paints?

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Re: Self-etch primer .... is it a "con"?
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does the "shiny bright" mean un-burnished surface? as that may be the key - in both respects????