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Railtec Transfers
« on: Feb 03 2018 22:54 »
Can I ask if anyone has ordered and received goods from Railtec Transfers recently?  Four weeks ago I contacted by email to supply artwork and ask for a quote but have received no response whatsoever.  Their website claims they are very busy and dissuades us from asking for progress on any matter on the basis that this wastes their time, so I haven’t chased them up.
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Re: Railtec Transfers
« Reply #1 on: Feb 04 2018 09:48 »

I used to place regular orders and they do take some time to respond - perhaps four or five weeks for special designs 'off the shelf' - even more so when specials that require work on converting artwork like your plates for 'HILLOCK'

With their new metal printing techniques orders have gone through the roof for nameplates and they are only a small company with only two or so people working there.
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Re: Railtec Transfers
« Reply #2 on: Feb 05 2018 19:15 »
They are very good. I used them for the transfers on the network south east 121 bubblecar a few years back. 


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Re: Railtec Transfers
« Reply #3 on: Feb 05 2018 23:02 »
I’m sure some of our dedicated G3 traders would love to be that busy, but I think if they ignore enquiries their “boom” will soon be ‘bust’.
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