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Open source software
« on: Mar 03 2018 11:32 »
Well done to all involved in setting up the Wiki. It is an excellent idea and has a huge potential. I hope that it is well used.

I have had a very quick look through the ‘Planning routes’ pages and notice in route 4 that you are suggesting CAD and mention a couple of commercial programs. Can I respectfully suggest that you also make some reference to open source programs such as ‘LibreCad’ (a 2D drawing package) and FreeCAD (a 3D program). Many G3 enthusiasts will not be able to afford the often very expensive commercial programs.

Open Source, for those that are unaware, refers to the code with which the programs (and operating systems like Linux Mint) are written. They all use either the same licensing system that this Wiki uses, or something very similar. Programs that are ‘Open Source’ are completely free to obtain, use or modify. If scientists did not share their knowledge we would all still be grunting at each other.

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Re: Open source software
« Reply #1 on: Mar 03 2018 13:09 »
If you look elsewhere in the Wiki you will find CURA and OpenSCAD. Both of which are open software. I have never used LibreCAD although I mostly use WP, Draw, and spreadsheet programs in the Libre suite of programs. The Wiki contains a file list of scripts for OpenSCAD to print parts from.

The next plan of action is to print a router system I will have a go with LibreCad and if it can export to a format that the router can use I will leave them on the wiki. Thank you for the pointer!



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Re: Open source software
« Reply #2 on: Mar 03 2018 14:20 »
I am still very much at the bottom of the learning curve with both the packages I mentioned, indeed with drawing packages generally. To be fair though I must say that I do struggle with LibreCAD, I don’t seem to find it very intuitive although perhaps that is just me. I do note, however, that using 2D and 3D require very different mindsets. The help files and tutorials for FreeCAD seem very good to me, and it has an architectural workbench to help with buildings which is a bonus.

The main purpose of my post was to illustrate to others that there are workable alternatives to commercial packages which, as I indicated, can be very expensive. As a long time devotee and supporter of open source I get quite annoyed when it gets overlooked. Please forgive me for diving in before I had properly explored the Wiki which, as I said, is an excellent idea.

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Re: Open source software
« Reply #3 on: Mar 03 2018 14:24 »

Thank you for your positive comments about the Wiki and concerning availability of Open Source drawing software.

I am no CAD expert myself but am sure that Ralph will see to it that the possibilities are given an "airing" in an extended section on the topic.

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