Author Topic: Water Cranes feeling the cold? You need a few "Devils"!  (Read 631 times)

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Offline John Candy

Winter was no fun on the steam age railway....particularly if the water froze in tanks or the water crane.

The GWR standard type of water crane had a swivelling arm which could freeze solid if not pampered.

Solution : The "Fire Devil" or, in rather more prosaic Swindon language, "Fire Grates for Water Cranes", which is the notation on the March 1911 GWR drawing used to produce a batch as illustrated below.

Construction of the model is simple : You need Plastruct tube and some metal strip for the chimney and legs, thick plastic card and rod for the ash pan base. The only awkward bit is the fire basket itself, which is cylindrical, with a domed cover and hinged lid.
A full description with dimensioned construction notes will soon be included in an update to the water crane article in the Gauge 3 Wiki (  )which will also deal with the distinctive GWR pattern elevated drainage hopper, control valve and baseplate/drain.

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But does it work John

Offline Geoff Nicholls

those are very nice features to add to the already very nice GWR Pagoda waiting room, station building, and stable.