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Re: BR Maroon
« Reply #15 on: Dec 17 2018 16:25 »
Just to add to the mix, in my search for a London Transport Red aerosol, I came across Fiat Red-orange.  Subjectively it looks OK.  Again, the original changed fairly regularly, from Carmine to scarlet, and sometimes "Lake".  Interesting about the undercoat-maybe I'll do a couple of trials.  I usually use a grey primer-they do a red one as well.  Is the "Pantone" system relevant here?

John Branch

Offline MikeWilliams

Re: BR Maroon
« Reply #16 on: Jan 14 2019 18:50 »
Not related to BR maroon, but keeping to the topic of colours, any suggestions for Midland wagon grey?

And, since Essery says "there is no such thing as standard Midland wagon grey", is there any reason I can't just use Halford's primer and varnish it?


Offline John Candy

Re: BR Maroon
« Reply #17 on: Jan 14 2019 22:29 »
I seem to remember reading that although there was a paint spec. for new wagons, re-paints were simply painted with a random mix of whatever white/black/grey pigments were to hand, the result being a wide range of tones.
Initially the new wagons were a light grey in photos but appeared much darker later in life.

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