Author Topic: New (to me at least) a Dutch supplier of etched brass materials.  (Read 947 times)

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Offline John Candy

Recently the model shop in Ely has started stocking fresh ranges of materials, particularly from Japan and Holland.

While in there, buying some paint, I spotted some etched brass mesh from a Dutch company (Maquett), which I had not seen before.
The mesh I previously used (for the railbus oil cooling radiators) had been from "Scalelink", which I bought very many years ago and is rather thin and flimsy.
This new mesh (available in several sizes of mesh grid) is much stronger, less pliable, and can be spray painted without clogging.

I used it for the engine cover mesh panels as in attached photo, sprayed with chocolate car aerosol paint.

It would be suitable for many diesel/electric applications, such as the bodyside/roof vents and radiator frost screens, etc.


P.S. A link to their downloadable catalogue
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Also worth looking at for photo etched and other parts are these truck modelling sites: