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Gauge 3 SR Mogul for sale
« on: Jan 10 2019 09:29 »
I am offering members a chance to have first pick of obtaining my SR Mogul which I am now willing to sell.  It was built over about 18 months being completed in 2017.  It is meths-fired with a JvR Type B boiler.  You will see from the video that it steams very well maintaining full pressure whilst running.

In essence it has 2 cylinders, is meths-fired, it has a mechanical lubricator, locomotive type boiler with 6 fire tubes, axle and hand pumps and a strong wood storage and transport box.

Here is a link to it running:

It has been run quite a few times to confirm reliability, it gives a consistently strong performance.  Being meths-fired, it will allow hassle free long runs - just chuck some more water in the tender as it comes by.

Give me a ring or send an email to discuss.  Tel: 01437 890632 or   -   around £3500 would be a fair price.

Here are some pictures:

Thanks for looking

Phil Flint