Author Topic: A Bargain from Aldi?  (Read 184 times)

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A Bargain from Aldi?
« on: Feb 06 2019 12:22 »
In Aldi today and picked up a table clamping swivel-head vice for 5.99GBP

Is cast aluminium and comes with head which swivels on a ball mounting as well as detachable soft jaw covers.

This model clamps to the table edge but (for same price) they also had a suction mounting version.

Appears well-made and carries a German test certification (but suspect it is more likely Chines made but I could be wrong), clamps firmly/securely and should do what I will require of it.

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Re: A Bargain from Aldi?
« Reply #1 on: Feb 06 2019 12:51 »
I will vouch for them being serviceable, having used one for several years now. 

Another good tool is the Digital Caliper.  I’ve bought several over the years (you know, for the workshop, kitchen table and modelling room!).  Can’t quite remember the cost but it is low.

Trouble with Aldi is they have a quota on the number of stock lines permitted at any one time, so the goodies come and go.  It’s always worth checking the shelves whilst the wife shops for groceries!

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Re: A Bargain from Aldi?
« Reply #2 on: Feb 07 2019 20:47 »
Thanks chaps.  On your recommendation I bought one tonight.  Quite light construction but for small light work it is excellent.


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Re: A Bargain from Aldi?
« Reply #3 on: Feb 09 2019 09:25 »
Well, my local Aldi didn't have any, I'd like to have seen one in the flesh though.  Ah well, I expect the Fates were saying that I didn't really need one.


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Re: A Bargain from Aldi?
« Reply #4 on: Feb 09 2019 10:16 »
Lidl's sell pretty much exactly the same thing Jon - you just have to await them coming around.

I have a couple of very (very) cheap small cast iron vices - almost toy-like - that I was given. I screwed them to squares of 12mm ply and clamp them to the worktable edge or in the workmate and they hold things surprisingly well. They also get abused and have file and saw marks on the jaws - which is fine - but would certainly upset me if I was marking one of my 'good' vices...

I use Axminster (UJK) fence clamps to hold them to the table edge. I find them very useful for holding things down to tables and such like - they are low profile compared to a G-clamp or quick release clamp - but do work best if you drill a hole or make a slot in the jig/tool to stop the top bit twisting.

Just a thought.

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